Boston City Skyline Cuff Bracelet

Boston City Skyline Cuff Bracelet

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This adorable cuff features the Boston city skyline!


·Listing is for a single handstamped cuff
·Thick 12g 3/8" tall
·Hammered Edges
·Cuff can be adjusted for size
·Lightweight Non-Tarnish Aluminum


·When cuff arrives, you should adjust it to fit your wrist
·Carefully open your bracelet (if needed) by gently but
firmly pulling the two ends apart just enough so that
the open side of the cuff fits your wrist from the side.
·Place the open part of the cuff at the side of the narrowest
part of your wrist, moving far enough to be able to turn it to
the correct position.
·When the cuff is placed as you want to wear it, gently squeeze it
just enough to fit comfortably, and so that it can be removed by
reversing the process.
·A standard 6" cuff will fit most people, but we recommend upgrading
to the 7" for Men, or anyone with a wrist above 8"